Hey! Just a heads up that some unexpected and out of my control server changes (which seemingly happened around 2018-11-30) have caused the online functionality of my Wii homebrew (such as Wii Chatter) to stop working. No data has been lost though and hopefully I'll get things working again eventually.
Wii ChatterApplicationWii
Simple ScriptApplicationunknown
AvoidanceArcadeWii, Windows
Cascade BeneathArcadeWii, PS3, GP2X
Cylinder DodgeArcadeWii, PS3, Windows
Dont Get CrushedArcadeWii, DS, PS3, GP2X
Elongated ReptileArcadeWii, PS3
Neo TrailArcadeWii, PS3
Super Pixel JumperArcadeWii, GP2X
That Other PongArcadeWii, PS3, Windows
Dance CloneMusicWii, Windows
Goodbye WorldOtherWii, PS3
Gravity GlideOtherWii
Hero CityOtherWii, Windows
Neo TanksOtherWii, PS3
Sketch FightOtherWii, PS3
Slime RollOtherWii, PS3
The Jarred Mind 3OtherWii, PS3
The Untitled ProjectOtherWii, PS3, Windows
Three Point OOtherWii
Two Point FiveOtherWii, Windows
We Are NowhereOtherWii, PS3, Windows
Winters EndOtherWii, PS3, Windows
Hero City 2OtherWii
The Jarred Mind 1Otherunknown
The Jarred Mind 2Otherunknown
Wii ExhibitOther, ApplicationWii
GambolPlatformerWii, PS3
SwingballPlatformerWii, Windows
Swingball 2PlatformerWii, PS3, Windows
Transitory VectorsPlatformerWii, GP2X, Windows
Multi ViewPlatformerDS
The World DrownsPlatformer, RPGPS3
Maze GeneratorPuzzleWii, PS3, Windows
Tick Tock Boat RaceRacingWii, Windows
Tick Tock Car RaceRacingWii
UFO RacerRacingWii, PS3
Neo RaceRacingPS3
Pineapple Apocalypse RPGRPGWii, Windows
Revolt Of The Binary CouriersRPGWii, Windows
The Unmapped ForestRPGWii, PS3
1bit InvadersShooterWii, Windows
CherophobeShooterWii, DS, PS3, Windows
Cubicle ShooterShooterWii, Windows
Hypno BlastShooterWii, Windows
The CatachthonicShooterWii, PS3, Windows
The Video GameShooterWii
They Do Not DieShooterWii, Windows
They Do Not Die 2ShooterWii, PS3
Tick Tock Tank FightShooterWii, Windows
Tick Tock Zombie ShooterShooterWii, Windows
Time Frack 2DShooterWii
Cubicle Shooter CityShooterWii, PS3
Time Frack 3DShooterWii
They Do Not Die 3Shooterunknown
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