Why does this exist?
So that I would have an excuse to learn PHP.
What BBCode tags are supported?
You can use the following BBCode when posting a comment anywhere on the site. BBCode can also be used in descriptions. It's all pretty much self explanatory.
[b]bolded text[/b]
[i]italicized text[/i]
[u]underlined text[/u]
[s]strikethrough text[/s]
[size=15]Large Text[/size]
[color=red]Red Text[/color]
[quote]quoted text[/quote]
But what is the point of the Game Database?
I wanted a sortable list of games that I could use to browse games by file size and I couldn't find that anywhere. There are lots of game sites with really comprehensive databases with lots of information about a lot of games. But none of them keep track of a games file size. On top of that most of them require you to search for a game instead of offering a complete list of entries for you to easily browse when you aren't looking for anything in specific.
Were did the information in the database come from?
The idea is for it to be submitted and maintained by individual users. But to get it started I've been gathering data from a verity of places.
Wii entries came from my own text file exported from USB Loader GX along with several other peoples exported games lists (which were found in a handful of different places online) with covers from
PS3 entries came from and with covers from MCLUB's multiMAN/mmCM Game Cover update.
PS2 entries came from with covers from
Xbox entries and covers came from
What are the ID codes in the game database? Are they just random?
The codes aren't random. Every release of a game has a unique product ID code. This ID code is helpful because it can be used to differentiate between different variants of the same game that has been released in multiple regions or has been re released.
Why do I need to fill out a CAPTCHA when registering?
To prove that you are a person and not a spambot.
Now what?
There are a lot of things on the site that I'm going to be improving and a few things that I'm thinking about adding. I'm open to suggestions if there is anything that you would find useful.
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