Username: banjo2
Join Date: 2016-06-09 21:20:26 (2 years ago)
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Location: United States
Wii number: 3208-2263-6445-2579
About: Number 12 on Hero City 2, number 10 on Cheraphobe. Beat that.
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Comment posted by banjo2 at 2016-08-23 14:48:23 (2 years ago)
Comment posted by Kyou92 at 2017-01-27 13:30:26 (1 year ago)
There you go banjo, came to see that you've updated your profile!!
Comment posted by Kyou92 at 2017-01-27 13:37:16 (1 year ago)
By the way, I made a new forum called Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita emulator scams on this site come check it out!!
Comment posted by banjo2 at 2017-02-26 15:34:51 (12 months ago)
test again
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