Womp. The database was corrupted and I had to use a backup from 2018 (in 2021). Sorry for any data loss. A server update also broke a bunch of the site (I've got it mostly working, but some things may still be busted). Another unrelated server update also busted the way my wii homebrew connected to the site (so none of them can go online anymore and they may never change). Have I mentioned that I've had problems with this cheap web host?
You can check out whatever new projects I have in the works over on twitter at @BoringDevKate.
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Comment posted by kirby at 2013-08-18 15:06:02 (11 years ago)
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Comment posted by NotAFunPerson at 2015-06-07 18:58:16 (9 years ago)
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Comment posted by NotAFunPerson at 2015-06-07 19:00:57 (9 years ago)
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Comment posted by NotAFunPerson at 2015-06-07 19:04:56 (9 years ago)
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