Hey! Just a heads up that some unexpected and out of my control server changes (which seemingly happened around 2018-11-30) have caused the online functionality of my Wii homebrew (such as Wii Chatter) to stop working. No data has been lost though and hopefully I'll get things working again eventually.
Good god.
Comment posted by NepetaCatGod at 2015-08-23 01:58:33 (4 years ago)
For what it may be it seems that people have started to use this forum service much more commonly. For that reason I have no idea. Although it may appear that I may be new, I am not. (just check around the forums for proof.) There were good times spent here. Made some friends, acquaintances and enemies. (if I can call them that.) Things have changed around here. For better or worse, I don't know. This site can be a wild ride at times. Just don't let become the best of you. I come back every now and again to reread all of my old posts and their subsequent replies. I just want to end this by saying thanks for what I could call a delightful time amoungst dear friends.
Comment posted by Oskar at 2015-08-27 02:50:57 (4 years ago)
Yeah... you're right on that one. Also... how come I have never seen you even though you've been around just about as long as I have? o.o

Anyway, this site did have it's up and downs but it never really stopped me leaving it for good as well. I'll check every now and then too but... it's just so inactive as of late. Maybe a few people will hop in every now and then or it'll remain as it is but at least it'll stay up for a little longer.
Comment posted by ApexRose at 2015-10-21 08:48:17 (4 years ago)
I have seen Nepeta named before but we never actually met as friends. I too decide to visit this site every now and then just to read my old comments. Who knows maybe one day things will change and we'll all meet each other again.
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