Womp. Some kinda server update broke the way I had phrased http get requests in all of my Wii Homebrew. It happened some time near the end of 2018. So none of my stuff can actually connect to this site anymore. That means scoreboards won't be updated and you can't use stuff like Wii Chatter at all. Another server update in march 2020 stopped the website from even working in a web browser and I've mostly got it back up, but there are definitely still some things busted because of that update too. Ugh. Maybe someday I'll get everything working again like it used to. Until then you can at least check out whatever new projects I have in the works over on twitter at @BoringDevKate.
Filename: RevoltOfTheBinaryCouriers v1.3 for Wii.rar
Filesize: 4.5 MB
Uploader: ThatOtherPerson
Time uploaded: 2012-11-02 05:46:44 (8 years ago)
Category: Wii homebrew
Downloaded: 1263 times
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