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Things That You Should Watch or Listen Too
Comment posted by skittlefuck at 2014-04-26 01:18:08 (10 years ago)
EBS was telling me about Anamaguchi so I figured to post the things that you think other people should watch or listen too (anime, music, movies, books, food, etc).

Here's a few things to start off with I guess, the first being some really chill songs.

I'm not really the guy who likes lyrics in songs but damn... this guy can make some incredible music. Sadly he died awhile ago so there's not many new things coming from him (obviously), but yeah, 10/10 music.

More electronic/chill stuff

And you guys should watch this It's pretty short (around 20 or so episodes), it's similar to Cowboy Bebop in the sense that music plays a pretty big role in the anime.
Comment posted by Lightgod at 2014-06-22 19:02:24 (9 years ago)
Comment posted by that1Zeldafan at 2014-07-10 17:24:53 (9 years ago)
champloo ftw
Comment posted by bronyboyce at 2014-10-18 23:13:34 (9 years ago)
Comment posted by Einstein at 2014-10-19 18:27:15 (9 years ago)
The orgasm-inducing sound made by a dial-up modem.
Comment posted by that1Zeldafan at 2014-10-20 12:36:04 (9 years ago)
Comment posted by that1Zeldafan at 2014-10-20 12:39:04 (9 years ago)
ilisten to alotta video game music so...sorrowful prince pelleas. gerudo valley
Comment posted by deleted at 2014-11-27 05:40:10 (9 years ago)
Comment posted by WiiTodd at 2015-02-12 16:42:37 (9 years ago)
Hyperaptive hes an underground rapper out of london and raps about real shit
Comment posted by Tigercraft1107 at 2015-03-26 00:29:07 (9 years ago)
music her block b
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