Hey! Just a heads up that some unexpected and out of my control server changes (which seemingly happened around 2018-11-30) have caused the online functionality of my Wii homebrew (such as Wii Chatter) to stop working. No data has been lost though and hopefully I'll get things working again eventually.
Thank for this
Comment posted by Stepoa23 at 2019-09-01 04:08:39 (5 months ago)
I comprehend the time you spent explaining the hiring process and how this works. Youre understandably too knowledgeable about this.

I am sure I will come back here to see more about your topics.

Directly to the point:
Fake news is as old as humanity. After Aristotle incorrectly claimed women had fewer teeth than men, generations of highly educated people believed it.

Activist celebrities like Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio - along with France's Macron - have hyped the fires in Brazil as an unprecedented danger to Amazonian rainforest, billed as the "lungs of the world". But their photos are fake, their claims hysterical and the fires mostly on farmland.
God blessing

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Brexit: Fright night ends in leaders subduing Macron monster
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